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Main Reviews (by 4 parents)

A good edifice for learning. The population is not too much yet. The services rendered at the boarding house is excellent. No regrets at all
SPGC is purpose built. I am particularly impressed that the school set up was not an after thought. Their facility shows that they were intentional about the kind of school and the crop of parents they wanted. In three words, DIFFERENT. VERY GOOD. EXCELLENT CHOICE.
SPGC is absolutely a great school to learn.Her academic program is great.This school integrates compassion into their teaching standard, emphasizes there importance of values. Her teachers are passionate about seeing their girls excel. They are great about sharing the moment of pride they see in your child and they know the importance of involving parents in a respectful manner should an issue arise. Her lower students to teachers ratio gives student more confidence to ask questions, engage in group activities and a one-on-one opportunities with the teachers. SPGC is indeed a great school!
I am very impressed with the school and the professionalism it shows towards parents. The school shows a lot of zeal and passion which reflects very greatly in the way they handle the students of the school. Asides from the academic quality, they have also taken it upon themselves to ensure that students are equipped with skills that could prove useful later in the nearest future e.g. coding, sewing and soo much more. I will ideally recommend this school to every and anyone looking for a great environment for his/her daughter to school in, be it day or boarding



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