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Busyminda has been a really good school. The staff are helpful and polite and they are always willing to help clarify things. They know the business of education and child development and they are always happy to engage you in a discussion. The head of school is a very versatile woman and she is very into education. It is clear to see the passion. You cannot miss it with busyminds. Just take your time to get to know them and their method and you will be happy. Well done to this team
Busymind is that school you will send your kids to and want to leave them the whole day. The Peace of mind I get as a parent with 2 kids is unparalleled. I don't know any school in Nigeria that has this standards, apart from the fact that they are awesomely affordable the quality of service we get amazes me. Every staff in the school is polite, friendly and accessible, every I mean without exception, from the Proprietress to the guy at the gate... I love Busyminds and would want more parents to enrol their kids.
Busyminds School, 'Oh people ask me why go all the way there when you can easily get schools closer for the kids. (Quite a distance from my home to the school) My response am yet to get/see that standard that meets what Busyminds School delivers in the academic life of our children. For Busyminds it's not just about the kids coming to school which is the usual norm, it's about understanding why you need an education and so much more, each child is special, important. I won't be wrong if I say we the parents are also their students, we learn alot from them. For me I say Kudos to all of Crew/management of Busyminds and am using this opportunity to say Well-done on your good visions and drive you do well, keep it up and keep more coming. My recommendation is ???? ???? ???? ???????? over and over again, as of now Busyminds School all the WAY to college???????????????? I hope never to have second thoughts.



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