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Mind Builders School, CBD Alausa

....building your child for tomorrow's challenges
  • Staying fit for the work ahead
  • “Nervous means you want to play"
  • the goals are simple: safety and security.
  • “A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love.
  • Parent-Teacher Collaboration.
  • The right destination, That's where we are headed.
  • “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies "
  • Art is coming face to face with yourself
  • An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes
  • “Science is organized knowledge."
  • In modern times, technological tools have replaced the need for pens and paper.
  • One bold step leads to another
  • Welcome to a citadel of learning
  • Mind Builders Nursery Two Being Awarded Their Certificates
  • Best overall pupils receiving award
  • Parents Award
  • Ballet dance group displaying
  • Cross Section of Parents at 2019 Primary School Concert /Prize giving Ceremony
  • 2019 Primary School Concert /Prize giving Party
  • Grandparents at the concert and prize giving ceremony
  • Sign of love from parents to Education Director
  • Orchestral Presentation
  • Our amiable parents at the Concert / Graduation party
  • Primary 6 dance presentation
  • Dance group
  • Playgroup class receiving award
  • Our amiable parents at the Concert / Graduation party
  • Nursery Two Graduation/Concert 2019
  • Ballet dance group displaying
  • The Nursery Two pupils displaying their talent on dance
  • Reflecting Diamond House of rare gems!
  • Energetic Citrine House emanating positivity and joy
  • A cross section of our amiable parents @ 8th biennial inter-house competition
  • The 8th Biennial Inter-house sports Flag off
  • A symbol of royally and honour
  • The house of friendship gems!
  • Nursery visitation to Orphanage Home
  • You are welcome
  • An exciting time at the play ground.
  • Learning together, growing together.
  • Nurturing young minds to face tomorrow's challenges.
  • We are moving at the pace of modern technology.
  • MBS @ 20 Spelling Bee Competition
  • MBS @ 20
  • MBS @ 20 Spelling Bee Grande Finale
  • Well equipped ICT Room
  • Our Play Group Class
  • Our School Orchestra
  • MBS Dance Troupe
  • Aerial view of our structure

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