The holidays are knocking, your child is so excited. He wants to stay home, watch tv, eat junk and play video games all day. Unfortunately holiday for him isn’t holiday for you, he enjoys his holiday for a bit and it’s off to summer school/camp whichever it maybe.

You will miss him but it’s really good for him, he socialises, engages in physical activity and most of all gains academic knowledge. But the question is, does your child really gain at summer school?

All children go to summer school with the mindset that it is the holiday, they should be home having immense fun and not doing academic work.

Adding to the issue many schools do not make summer school fun, it is just like school, except everyone is in casuals.  Lessons drone on and on, children endure waiting on the clock. Nobody imparts knowledge; nobody gains knowledge.

It’s a progressive world thankfully and some schools have noticed this drab method of running a summer school and totally redefined it. They had the innovation to create a tactic that imparts knowledge in methods that do not seem academic to children.


Treasure Chest Children’s Place is a purely montessori based school. This summer Treasure Chest Children’s Place will engage your child(18months – 6years) in a wonderful summer session that includes Practical Life, Arts and Craft, Language/Alphabetical games, Numerics, Geography, Swimming and much more from the 24th of July.

Located in a very serene environment in Ajah, Treasure Chest Children’s Place provides all the essence of a fun sanctuary in today’s busy world.

Unlike many schools, this summer Treasure Chest Children’s Place lays emphasis on your child knowing a bit about everything from numerics to basic needful training.

While your child is having the fun of his life and interacting with peers he’d be learning things that would shape him into the person he is destined to be.


In a rapidly progressing era like ours every parent knows that their child should be tech savvy but many schools do not offer the kind of in depth technology knowledge parents want for their kids. Pinefield school generously provided a solution with their summer camp that will run from 17th July till 17th August. At the meagre cost of just 10,000 naira (additional fees may apply) every week your child gets to learn; Robotics, ICT appreciation from a microsoft certified practitioners, Coding and then participate in world robotics olympiad.

Just to keep your child interested there are a variety of other activities including excursions, fashion show, cinema, baking, craft work, basketball and so much more.


Doveland International school has put together the most exciting two weeks live-in camp for children of our abuja residents.

From what is being put in place it will be much better than the first edition which was mind-blowing. this second bootcamp will be exactly what your child needs, a general theme to teach children coding and other STEM courses with a very hands-on approach will be employed.

Doveland International school still ensures that fun is the core of all matters. Your child will be in a flurry of activities Basketball, Food Art, Piano and Violin lessons, Public speaking, LEGO, Games and so much more. This bootcamp will be in two batches the first batch will be from the 24th of July to the 4th of August and the second batch runs from 7th of August to the 18th of August.


Meadowhall schools believe in a time for everything. The previous session covered academic work so why don’t you let your child learn on the field, literally.

From July 18th till July 22nd Meadowhall schools will be organising a football camp for children age 4-17.
Partnering with an ex super eagles star your child will receive insights on football and might just be the next football superstar.
No child turns away from good clean fun on the field, in addition to learning from one of the best he will be having fun and socialising in  a clean safe secure environment. This camp will be taking place at Meadowhall school Lekki.

You can easily contact these schools on our website they will graciously answer your questions and tend to you.

Staying home can also be fun and educative with the right supervision present, there are a lot of healthy activities for them to engage in. Thinking of activities? Not a problem as always we’ve got your back just click here

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  1. Treasure Chest Montessori has really helped my little one shine wherever she is.It is amazing how much she knows at age 2.I will recommend this learning center to all parents who wants the best for their child.

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