Summer holiday is in full swing and most of our lovelies are at summer school/camp having the time of their lives with their school friends. How do you know a summer school session is successful? When a child can say “Mummy i had so much fun!” and yet they consciously or unconsciously picked up new skills and knowledge.

Photo credit: Blooming Greens School

Many schools have perfected the art of presenting academics in the most fun ways because I mean who doesn’t love to have fun during the holidays?

Let’s take a quick peek at what our favorite schools are doing this summer.


Doveland International Schools

Indisputably one of the best in Abuja, Doveland International Schools teach children at their pace making sure that they absorb the essential knowledge they need to be pillars of the society.

This summer Doveland International Schools decided to create a fun safe sanctuary for children where they can be themselves and interact healthily with their peers.

Social interactions were highly encouraged and promoted for the benefit of our future leaders who need to learn skills they will need even outside the academic field.

Pupils are kept so busy with so many amusing and enriching activities in camp.

Children love craft and Doveland International Schools made sure they have enough arts and craft activities from making T Shirts, painting fruits and even making outrageously fun top hats.

T shirt being made

After activities pupils relax with peers in whichever acceptable way they prefer like the cuties below relaxing in the pool.

Cooling down after an activity filled day


Blooming Greens School

Pupils of Blooming Greens School are busy this holiday exploring new worlds with the needed resources provided by the school and their imagination.

Blooming Greens School has always been an advocate of the child, the staff supervise and engage children in knowledge building activities to keep the child’s imagination spanning and growing.

Children were engaged in ventures that build not only their mind but also other aspects of their lives confidence, stamina, decision making,research and many more.

Treasure Chest Children’s Place

Treasure Chest Children’s Place has created a niche in the education community as one of the few schools that seek to do more than give your child a basic literary education.

The school imparts in children knowledge and understanding that helps pupils; function better, grasps faster, stand taller and advance quicker in today’s world.

This summer holiday session Treasure Chest Children’s Place stick thoroughly to the task of making children whole and functional persons in today’s society.

Pupil matching items with beginning sounds

Utilising ingenious methods like baking Treasure Chest Children’s Place teach children to count, identify certain elements and cook.

Every child shines bright at Treasure Chest Children’s Place.

Honourable Mention

New Hall School

Meadow Hall Schools

A renowned trail blazer in the education scene, Meadow Hall schools also dominated the summer camp scene with their football camp with an ex-super eagles star.

Meadow Hall Schools decided to give pupils and students a total break from academics this holiday with  football camp.

Children were encouraged through this globally loved sport to develop their muscles, agility and speed.

Pupils spent time with peers outside of the classroom all of them with a deep love for football which made healthy interactions and bonding easier for them.


Redeemers College, Ilesa

In today’s secular world not all schools provide students with the right blend of whole education and religious backing.

Redeemers College, Ilesa offers students this rare blend of quality education immersed in christian teachings. Students of Redeemers College have been spending their summer holiday playing sports, winning competitions and enjoying needed excursions after a fruitful academic year.


Adorable Toes School

A school after the heart of parents Adorable Toes School is a school that understands both parents and students and takes into consideration the needs of both parties.

This summer holiday, Adorable Toes School takes a more strategic and at the same time fun route towards education.

Adorable Toes School accomplished this by providing students with intellectual board games to expand their horizon and develop their strategic thinking and decision making .


Honorable mentions

Glisten International School

Crescent Nursery and Primary School


Ladela Schools


Dukeland International School


Standard Bearers School



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