6 Tips to Help you Choose the Ideal Secondary School

Primary school’s almost done and dusted. You did very well you put them through a good school and now they are ready for the next hurdle, Secondary School. Like choosing a primary school this is not an easy feat but it has to be done and done very well. 

You most likely have schools from our website and referrals from friends to choose from. At this point  you should have made a decision regarding a day or boarding school.  Use these tips to make the right decision.

Curricular Programs

You need to first of all know your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Every child has an area they excel in find out where your child excels and make sure the school does a good job in it. Schools on our website have a performance sheet which you can check to find out courses students excel better in. You can also check their awards, also on our website, it can give you an insight as to what areas they are known for.


Determine how much you will be spending on the child’s education. Termly fees and additional fees can build up so make sure to choose a school in your range.


Cultural and Moral values are very important and can easily be influenced positively or negatively. The chosen school should uphold cultural and moral values that your child observes at home.



You do know you have to make out time and pay a visit. You’ve seen the amazing pictures of several amenities on our website, now you have to see them in real life. While there talk to teachers they will be spending a good deal of time with your child so you should get to know the kind of people they are.

Speak to students if you can’ generally they will be more candid and easier to assess than their teachers ask them how school life is and judge their answers. Take a good look at surroundings, classrooms, laboratories try to see past the veneer if any. Keep in mind that well used libraries and laboratories are good signs.


It is important to note how advanced a school is, the kind of materials they use with children can in many words tell you how globally adaptable their methods are. Keep in mind that too much of everything is not so good we still want schools that retain core values.

Extracurricular activities

The school’s extracurricular activities should be well balanced providing enough activities to keep your child interested and active.

Remember to ask your child’s thoughts before taking any decision that concerns their education, talk to them about your choices and come to a reasonable decision together.



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